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Home to Ben Avery’s books, graphic novels, audio dramas, and other projects.

Watch this space for more information about GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE, Ben’s new sci-fi novel! Due end of May, this book mixes modern ideas with classic sci-fi style. The crew of the Tabitha takes a detour to investigate an interesting anomaly in their path, but find a planetoid that defies the laws of the universe, a derelict ship that shouldn’t exist, a conspiracy dating back to the recent galactic war, and a warship intent on destroying them.
COMING MAY, 2023!!!

About Ben


I’m a storyteller. I love telling stories in almost any medium: comic books, novels, puppets, animation, whatever! I’ve been privileged to work with some AMAZING artists on comic book projects. My first professional work was with George R.R. Martin, taking his Hedge Knight novellas and turning them into graphic novel scripts. Since then, I’ve worked for Image, Marvel, and Zondervan with the previously mentioned AMAZING artists who made my stories look good. I have a passion for all ages storytelling, which is why I co-created TIMEFLYZ and ARMORQUEST. More recently, I have been adapting Bible stories into comic books and I have just released my first novel, GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE, a old-school feeling sci-fi novel. I’ve also begun editing some anthologies with other sci-fi writers! Writing is my passion, but I get to tell stories in my day job, too! I’m a children’s pastor in northern Indiana, where I live in a converted church with my wife and five kids.

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