PETER THE APOSTLE (sci-fi Bible graphic novel)


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Paul the Apostle and Peter the Apostle are the two parts of a project that was brought to me a few years ago. The idea: to create a graphic novel telling the story of these Biblical men, using a science fiction style visual metaphor.

Other than the setting, which is reminiscent of Star Wars or The Dark Crystal or Avatar, these stories are Bibically based and tell the stories or two men who changed the world because their lives were changed by Christ.

The sci-fi setting is not intended to “make the Bible cool” (it already IS cool! AMAZINGLY cool!), but rather to cause readers to think about the stories in a fresh way and see the historical chronology in a new context.

Does it work? It was a grand experiment for me, and I feel like it has been successful for some readers, meaning it was successful for me. You’ll have to decide for yourself if this is something that can let you see scriptures in a new light or not.


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