Howard the Duck Commentary Episode

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Running a podcast like this requires us to pay for internet hosting and spend time and money on things we are reviewing. But we didn’t want to just ask people to give us money. We wanted to have something special to give you in return.

Here’s how this works:

Ben and Daniel recorded a commentary track for the movie Howard the Duck. It includes information about how the movie came to be made, interesting links to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, trivia about the character, and much more. Also, Ben has been a fan of Howard for years, although not so much of the movie. And Daniel? He’s never seen the movie before!

Instructions for how to use the commentary are included in the recording. We explain where to sync up the movie to sat art it at the same time we do, should you choose to watch along.

BUT…you DO NOT NEED to watch the movie to listen to the commentary. We hope we recorded something interesting to listen to whether or not you have access to the movie!

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