Pardon the Mess

I’m in the process of remodeling my website, moving it to this WordPress based site instead of the iWeb site I had before.

I loved iWeb . . . but sometimes, love means saying “good-bye” before someone gets hurt. Or deleted. And Mac was going to delete my MobileMe site. Not sure why.

Anyway, I really like this new WordPress site. It’s great for people who have no idea what they are doing. But it is going to mean some work to get it to where I am happy with it.

~ Ben


The website of Ben Avery: a comic book writer, editor, and letterer; a children’s minister and youth speaker; a podcaster; a puppeteer; a father and a husband; and a geek.


I’m very pleased to present a “first look” inside The Book of God, my latest graphic novel.

The Book of God is a comic documentary detailing the history of the Bible, from the first writings in 1500 BC to the latest translations from the 21st century.

From the back cover:

This is the story of a book.

A book that changed the world.

A book that everyone knows of, but not everyone knows about.

This is the story of how the Bible came to be: who wrote it, when, and why. How it was collected and translated.

This is the story of how the Bible was written centuries ago and passed on through the generations to this very day.

This is the story of . . .

The Book of God.

The Book of God is an introduction to where the most important document of human history came from. Here’s a look inside . . .

You can purchase it here!